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Artwork Specifications

We love surprises, just not the bad kind. The best way to avoid mix-ups and misprints is to follow a few simple artwork guidelines. Please review the checklist below before submitting files – this will help streamline the process and ensure maximum turnaround and quality satisfaction on your project.


DO Use a CMYK Color Profile

All files submitted must be in CMYK. All of our printing process use a four-color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks. Converting files from RGB into CMYK inevitably results in a color shift. We inspect all files for CMYK profiles before printing – if files are submitted in RGB (screen red, green, and blue), we will request a CMYK version before moving forward with the project, which can add to turnaround time. For assistance in converting your files to CMYK, please call, email, or chat for more information.

DO Export Your Files at 300 DPI.

To ensure high-quality printing, all files must be submitted at 300 DPI. While many files (especially larger banners & posters) print crisp and clean at 200 or even 150 DPI, we prefer to play it safe. Files at screen resolution (72 DPI) are unacceptable. These images WILL appear blurry when printed. Note: Images ripped from the web are typically low-resolution, and are not intended for print production. If your file is too large to upload (or if we can answer any other questions), please call, chat, or email for further instructions.

DO Use the Following Formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD.

These are the only file formats we accept (ordered most-preferred to least-preferred). We love PDF files, though JPEGs, TIFFs, and EPS work well, too. Just make sure they meet all of the other guidelines listed on this page, and please outline all text for .AI, and flatten/rasterize for .PSD

DO Add Bleed

All files with full-color backgrounds must be submitted with bleed. A 1/8” bleed is preferred on all files with full-color backgrounds, and all text, logos, and elements must be within 1/8” from the cut line. Please call, email, or chat to request a template for specific guidelines & measurements, or simply to ask questions.

DO Upload Front-and-Back Files Separately

We do not accept mutli-page documents. Please save or export your double-sided projects as separate files.

DO NOT Include Trim/Crop Marks

Do not include trim marks on any files. Most of our printing processes are automated and do not require trim marks. We appreciate your taking the extra step to help us out, but unfortunately this only adds an extra step for us to remove them from your artwork.